It's raining plastic

plastic rain image 1.jpg

Plastic pollution isn’t just a problem in faraway places, it’s affecting all of us through our soil, oceans, rainfall and sadly even in the air we breathe. A recent rainfall survey in Colorado put together by scientists at the US Department of the Interior and US Geological Survey concluded that yes, it is raining plastic. Some of the plastic found is large enough to see with the human eye but much of it is microscopic. Meaning, small enough that humans and animals can breathe them in!

The Colorado study is not the first to reach this finding of course. Researchers from the University of Strathclyde and EcoLab previously found that rain, snow and wind carried microplastics at least 60 miles to remote areas of the Pyranese mountain range.  Microplastics are basically everywhere. They flake off of our synthetic clothing materials and wash down the shower drain in the form of exfoliating beads; they’re flecks of paint and remnants of weathered plastic bottles.

Some ways the Germantown Laundromat is trying to help reduce this pollution? GTL laundry machines / water filters, Cora Ball microfiber catcher, reusable bottles  to replace single-use plastic, bulk / refillable laundry detergent to cut down on disposable plastic containers and more.

Tracy Murrin