Plastic Free July Challenge


This movement started in Australia in 2011 and now has over 2 million people from 159 countries that take part! You can start out small or really challenge yourself to go completely plastic free for the entire month. Want to involve your business, school, community? — click here for inspiration and resources that makes this challenge fun + easy to implement!

From the founder, Rebecca Prince-Ruiz:

Don’t try and do everything or be perfect. Look around at the plastics in your life – check your bin and think about the one thing that you can do right now in your life which can make a difference. I’m very mindful that depending where you live and what your circumstances are it can be much harder in some places than others. Whether it is plastic bags, packaging or takeaway food and beverage containers just decide on one plastic to avoid – make that happen and form a new habit and then look at the next thing.

It is a journey which starts with one step. If we each take small daily actions, this soon adds up to a collective impact.

Read more from her interview with The Zero Waste Collective here.

Sign the pledge and begin the challenge here.