Laundry access  is available (24 hours / 7 days), now more efficient, healthier and good-for-you.

This is a green space.

  1. The washers weigh clothes prior to filling with water so no water is wasted. They also spin at such a high speed that the clothes need very little time to dry in the dryers.

  2. Electricity is pulled from clean energy sources (wind and solar) through Green Mountain Energy.

  3. The lights in the Laundry Room are on a timer so that they automatically turn off when no movement is sensed. All interior + exterior lights are LED.

  4. We offer compost, recycling, and landfill bins throughout the space. By listing what can go in each, customers are educated on how much should be diverted from the landfill.

  5. All the products for sale + furniture throughout the space are helping to answer how we begin to change our behaviors and buying decisions on a daily basis to better protect our bodies and our planet.

  6. Mending + Repair Services will be offered to motivate the community to reuse + repair instead of throwing away + buying new. We also offer a clothes drop where we donate items left behind to the Salvation Army.



No smoking

No overloading machine

No tinting or dyeing

No items on top of machines

No sitting on machines or tables

Do not take laundry carts outside

Please remove items promptly from machines

Items left overnight will be donated

Children must be supervised at all times

Laundromat is not liable for any loss or damage

There is a security camera monitoring 24/7

Clean up after yourself



20 lbs - $2.75

30 lbs - $3.75

45 lbs - $5.00

Heavy Soil - $0.25

Extra Rinse - $0.25

Pre-Wash Sanitizer - $0.50


8 Mins - $0.25