The Germantown Laundromat has been a town staple since 1965, surrounded by a vibrant community of small businesses. With new ownership, the building has undergone a total renovation — you can't miss our bright yellow exterior!

The Laundromat (open 24/7) features eco-friendly washers + dryers, clothing donation program, power pulled from wind + solar, recycling + compost services. The space is expanding to include a sustainable retail shop,

offering a variety of household products and services that explore what it means to live a cleaner life.

The Shop with provide quality, honest goods that we all use in our day-to-day. Items made to last that will not fuel the throwaway nature that we have all grown accustom. By learning about the impact our buying choices can have on our earth and bodies — we can begin to make more sustainable and ethical choices together.


Continuing to offer the basic service of laundering clothes in a more efficient, earth conscious manner. Coming soon : Repair Services.


The Laundromat partners with companies who spend time and resources decreasing their environmental footprint, understanding a product’s lifecycle, and using materials that are biodegradable, recyclable, and nontoxic.


The Hudson Valley is home to so many hard-working humans looking to make a difference in their communities as we build a happier + healthier existence. The natural landscape that makes this Valley so inspirational is a primary reason why many have made this place home. The Laundromat's new owner, Tracy Martin, believes that it is our collective responsibility to take care of this home wherever possible. As someone who lives and works in Columbia County, she infuses the power of sustainable thinking into everything she does.