Global Climate Strike


The Global Climate Strike is taking place September 20th - 27th. The closest strike location to Germantown is at Bard College on Sept 27th from 10am-1pm. We will be returning to the shop after striking and offering 10% off all sustainability products to encourage buying behaviors that help us create less waste + harm to our planet.

It’s time to DO SOMETHING. It’s time to ACT.

Here is a list of everything we do at the Laundromat to be a steward of our Earth:

All of our power is pulled from wind + solar

The washing machines weigh the clothes to determine how much water is needed

Our machine spin cycle is so strong that clothes need very little time in the dryers

Our interior lights are on timers so they automatically turn off when the space isn’t being used

We use all LED lights

We set our heat + cooling system to adjust based on time of day and use

Free water refill station to encourage the use of reusable containers

We have compost, recycling and landfill bins for our customers

We collect + recycle cigarette butts through Terracycle

We collect + recycle all products found in your home bathroom through Terracycle

We collect + reuse the single use detergent boxes

Our toilet uses minimal water + has a low flush option

We offer reusable clothes instead of paper towels in our bathroom

We collect unwanted clothes and donate them to the Salvation Army

We offer Mending Services so customers repair instead of throwing away + buying new

Our bins for reusable bags + containers are free for anyone to use

We reuse old bags and packaging materials to pack up customer purchases

This is how we show up on a daily basis and we look forward to doing even more in the future!

Tracy Murrin